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Carolina Turf Irrigation entered the Landscape Lighting field at the continued request of many of our irrigation customers. The high level of customer satisfaction we have achieved with our irrigation products and maintenance services required CTI to begin, only after we had investigated many suppliers of lighting products, received training in design and installation, and researched the lighting standards in the CTI areas.

During the past 10 years, CTI has installed many residential and commercial landscape lighting systems. Our chosen path for Landscape Lighting is Low Voltage transformer operated systems. These CTI Landscape Lighting Systems provide many advantages over other types of systems used in the Landscape Lighting industry.

The Most Desired Features and Advantages of a CTI Landscape Lighting System over the competition are:

ECONOMICAL: Low Voltage lighting provides for Very Economical Energy Use, the average CTI lighting fixture uses 4 cents of energy cost per night. This results in a Direct Savings on Your Electric Bill Every Month over a line voltage system.

CTI Systems Provide Safety by providing a low 12 volt operating voltage to all Lighting Fixtures and carrier lines. Safe as 2 lantern batteries campers and Boy Scouts use. All Landscape Lighting Fixtures and Wiring are Insulated and Waterproof Connections insure Years of Continued Use with Safety.

QUALITY: CTI Landscape Lighting Systems are installed with the Homeowner’s Satisfaction in mind. In coastal application, CTI uses Stainless Steel Transformers to aid in Salt Air Protection as well as All Weatherproof Connections. Lighting Fixtures are Heavy Cast Aluminum with Powder Coated Finish of Color Choice to insure Years of Care-free Service. Copper and Bronze Fixtures are also used at Homeowner, Landscape Architect or Commercial preference. “You Choose Your Décor, We Compliment!”

VERSATILITY: CTI provides Multi-Tap Transformers to make Variations in Lighting Intensity possible to meet your mood and landscape requirements. CTI’s multi-zone installation technique can allow the Homeowner to use area lighting, such as a pool area or front and rear yards at specific times as desired. With Photo-Cell Instant On and Off or Timer Controls for Specific Desired Landscape Lighting, the Possibilities are Endless. Just call for a Free Estimate and to Share Your Visions with Our Ideas.

SECURITY: While most Homeowners choose Landscape Lighting for it’s Beauty and to Compliment Landscaping and the Natural Property and Architectural Enhancements, the Security Features have long been recognized by Commercial and Homeowner Association end-users. Dusk to Dawn Area Lighting can Promote a Safe and Secure Environment for all to Enjoy. You will instantly become accustomed to driving into a well lit “Welcome You Home” setting that will have you and your family feeling “Glad to Be Home”. Stairway, Drive and Walkway area lighting Features can be Designed to Your Satisfaction, while still allowing Privacy for in-pool and Jacuzzi areas as desired.

HOME EQUITY INCREASE: The investments you make in your Landscape Irrigation and Lighting is realized many fold right away! Just look at the other homes in your neighborhood. You immediately see the difference in even landscape maturity, grass, shrubs and trees, with the Systematic Correct Watering of a Carolina Turf Irrigation System and the recognition and enjoyment only continues after dark when the Landscape Lighting Highlights your Home’s Floral and Architectural Beauty.  “Curb Appeal” will Always be Your Return! Ask your Realtor!
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