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Carolina Turf Irrigation designs complete Landscape Irrigation Systems to meet the homeowner and/or commercial contractor’s site requirements. CTI can also install your complete irrigation system to your Landscape Architect’s drawings when available. CTI begins with customer provided meters, or can provide system connections to wells, deep or shallow, to customer needs. CTI will install and certify the required backflow preventer to local area and DHEC codes with all necessary registrations included in system costs, NO EXTRA COSTS.

In many cases, CTI can up-grade an old existing well with a new Hi-Flo Irrigation Pump to provide an excellent water source for whole yard irrigation sprinkler systems.

Installation can be provided to new construction at final grade with planned landscape beds and grass/sod areas “white lined” or to existing lawns with minimal short term ability to see where underground installation was routed. CTI utilizes the latest technology in trenching equipment that provides for existing sod to completely cover installation trenches quickly and completely for even growth in entire yard.

Carolina Turf Irrigation uses only current production mid-commercial grade rotor and spray head sprinkler products unless a particular “brand and series” of product is called out by the customer. CTI stocks, or has access to most major brands of irrigation products. Hunter, Rain-Bird, Irritrol, Toro, MP Rotator, Xerigation, and Netafim, to name a few.

CTI uses Hi-Flo Irrigation Pumps manufactured by Berkeley, Myers, Watertronics, KRain, Aqua-Master, and Flint & Walling and can usually trouble shoot your existing well pump of any brand to assure proper water source is available.

Drip Irrigation is the latest and most efficient irrigation method for tree, shrub and most bed areas. This irrigation technique provides the correct amount of watering needed by tree or plant type on a cost effective system zone. Individual emitters allow each plant to receive the correct amount of water delivered to the root system, below the mulch material on a common timed cycle. Benefits are; Less Cost for multiple zones at installation, Removes Excess or Wasted Water Costs, and Helps Prevent Premature Mulch Rot due to Surface Moisture. Drip Systems are a “Win-Win” situation for every homeowner, Save Money on the water bill and provide even growth to your variety of plant needs!

Carolina Turf Irrigation provides Digital Controllers for Every System! This latest solid-state digital technology ensures accurate time and metering of zone watering for seasonal multi-zone irrigation systems. Battery back-ups will maintain proper programs during short or prolonged Power Outages. Out Door Controllers are Weather-Proof and have Security Locks for Years of Protected Care-Free Service! All wiring to electronic automatic valves is insulated and underground rated with water-proof connections.

Auto Shut-Off Rain Sensors, Wind and Freeze Sensors can be included on any Sprinkler System as a low cost Water Saver Feature on new installations OR added to any existing system. If your current controller is out-dated and will not accept an Auto Shut-Off Weather System, CTI will, AT NO COST TO YOU, install a New Digital Controller to Accept the Water Saver Feature. We do our part to conserve resources and promote proper watering. We appreciate that your lawn and gardens are a large investment that we want to help you enjoy MAINTENANCE FREE!

Residential and Commercial References are available on request.
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